Save Costs

Nobody enjoys a financial outlay but increased productivity and agrochemical efficiency, as well as improved machine reliability (and corresponding resale value) means the NSTS test will soon pay for itself.

With optimum sprayer calibration and boom and nozzle maintenance (as part of the 47 tests conducted as part of the certification) you can feel confident that you’re using your expensive pesticides, most efficiently, getting the chemicals exactly where they’re needed, and in the appropriate droplet size, with minimal money-wasting excess. Unexpected breakdowns or maintenance issues when you need your sprayer(s) in the field can be disastrous and expensive to remedy. Our testing will ensure when your crops need spraying your equipment is ready and in tip-top condition. The NSTS test helps ensure you and your land are getting the best from your sprayer.

Be Fully Compliant

Having your sprayer NSTS tested satisfies supermarket traceability demands.

The NSTS test is a requirement of the major UK crop assurance schemes and of supermarket protocols.

The NSTS test will become a requirement for all boom sprayers by 2016 under the requirements of the Sustainable Use Directive and be retested every five years until 2020 when the requirement for re-testing reduces to every three years. The SUD is mandatory throughout the EU.

Furthermore, a NSTS certificate will indicate to clients your adherence to best practice procedures and reflect favourably upon your professionalism.

Be Safe

Ensure your sprayer equipment and agrochemicals are being used in a manner that is safe for the sprayer operative.

The NSTS will ensure your sprayer equipment and agrochemicals are being used in a manner that is safe for the sprayer operative, safeguarding your employees or contractors against accident and bringing peace of mind to you that risk assessment has been carried out on your machinery.

Furthermore the NSTS certificate provides useful documentation for insurance companies and offers confidence to your sprayer operatives in your diligence and due-care as an employee.

Be Environmental

Sustainability and environmental awareness has increased significantly over recent decades and good farming practice dictates we consider ourselves as custodians of the land we utilize, with fellow farmers, clients, retailers and consumers all calling for consideration of the wider ecology.

Spraying is an invaluable tool for the modern farmer and scientific advances mean that the agrochemicals we now use are extensively tested both for increased efficacy and sensitivity to the environment. A sprayer optimized following its NSTS test will ensure the agrochemical droplets are administered effectively and accurately with minimal excess and reduced negative impact upon wildlife, ecosystems and local water courses. This is of course good news for your reputation, good news for the wider perception of spraying and good news for nature.

Furthermore the NSTS certificate satisfies the sprayer testing requirements of the Sustainable Use Directive.

National Sprayer Testing Scheme