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NSTS is the National Sprayer Testing Scheme for the UK. The scheme has been part of UK agriculture since 2003 and a main pillar of the Voluntary Initiative. NSTS tested sprayers are a requirement of UK crop assurance scheme and supermarket protocols and NSTS satisfies the sprayer testing requirements of the Sustainable Use Directive.

The NSTS was devised by the UK sprayer industry with input from farmers and grower representatives, the chemical industry, contractors as well as crop assurance and super markets. Launched initially as the AEA sprayer testing scheme it became NSTS in 2003 as an important part of the VI. The scheme has shown that more than half of sprayers tested required repairs or adjustment to achieve the required standard. The biggest single reason for failure is worn and therefore inaccurate nozzles, leading to over application of expensive pesticides.

‘The Voluntary Initiative’ is a programme of measures, agreed by Government, to minimize the environmental impacts of pesticides. Therefore a commitment was made by the agricultural and horticultural industries to extend sprayer testing to cover the majority of field sprayers operating in the UK. As a consequence the A.E.A. and farming unions, together with other key stakeholders have developed and introduced the National Sprayer Testing Scheme. NSTS, is a new independently validated, low cost annual testing scheme to meet this need.

As an ‘NSTS’ approved Sprayer Test Centre, CT&JL Services Ltd can carry out a Sprayer Test on all types of crop sprayer, which will cover your equipment for 12 months. The test will cover the delivery system – tanks and lids, pump, spray controls, pipe work and hoses. The application system: pressure gauges, spray lines, nozzle bodies, check valves, spray caps and tips, booms and suspension. Ancillaries including rinsing and tank wash systems, recirculation systems and chemical induction systems.

If you had your sprayer tested last year, please check on the dates for you next test. Due to the number of sprayer test bookings contact us as soon as possible as waiting times are increasing.

National Sprayer Testing Scheme