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CT&JL Services Ltd is a NSTS approved sprayer test centre based in Cumbria. We can carry out sprayer tests on crop sprayers of all types, which will cover your equipment for 12 months.

The benefits include ensuring maximum efficiency of your sprayer, reducing costly down time, increasing the second hand value of your equipment and aiding traceability. You are assured that your sprayer is using the correct dose rate on crops and not wasting chemicals or money.

National Sprayer Testing Scheme
CT & JL Services Ltd
Crop Spraying

Save Costs

Unexpected breakdowns or maintenance issues can be disastrous and expensive to remedy. Our testing will ensure when your crops need spraying your equipment is ready and in tip-top condition.
Knapsack Sprayer

Be Safe

Ensure your sprayer equipment and agrochemicals are being used in a manner that is safe for the sprayer operative.
Pesticide Spraying

Be Fully Compliant

The NSTS test will become a requirement for all boom sprayers by 2016. Having your sprayer NSTS tested satisfies supermarket traceability demands.

Be Environmental

A sprayer optimized following its NSTS test will ensure the agrochemical droplets are administered effectively and accurately with minimal excess and reduced impact on the environment.